Peter Salomon

It was always my dream to live a life of a digital nomade.

When the first powerful laptops came on the market, I got to know people that were travelling around the world with their laptops in a backpack. They popped up in different timezones, from Hawaii, from Sweden or South Africa. They were the really cool guys, and besides their positive mood, they tought me to forget about "we did it always that way" and instead to try out the new hot stuff. Years later now I am glad to join Dirk and to let this old dream become true: I am here on the other side of the planet, I am involved in the development of the new hot stuff. 

Peter Salomon
Peter is an expert in simple, elegant design with the touch of an artist. A true architect at heart.

Peter began his university studies with a Degree in Architecture. Within 2 years his creative desire to work in animation and special effects led him into software architecture & infrastructure. After 6 years, Peter decided to accept the role as CTO of VersaCommerce with a focus on shop systems. For the next 7 years, Peter refined his skills in cloud applications that were self-scaling and self-healing.

After 15 years of friendship, Dirk approached Peter in 2013 to embark with him on this journey. Peter is here today as the CTO of Facemap, GmbH.

CTO / Lead Developer
2006 - 2013
A modern, full cloud driven shop platform in partnership with D1 Group e-business GmbH.

Head of Rendering / Set Designer
Ambient-Entertainment GmbH
2000 - 2006
Germany’s first production company of full CGI feature movies
Partner / Founder
1994 - 1998
Visual communications agency with a focus on architecture visualizations.