Joel Steinke

There is no business like family business!

Grown up in this field of face-reading, i have heard many people saying things like: "Wow, and you can see all that in my face? After 5 minutes? Imagine what - I just got the receipt from my psycho-therapist, he needed 3 years to figure that out!"

I would love to combine two topics - facemapping and psychology. Makes total sense to me: how much faster and more precise can one be as a psychologist with this knowledge!

So far, i am specialised in facemapping related to sports. In Germany,  i was mainly working as an analyst of sports talents for our German sports talents scout. But not only for sports people...  my antennas for other people seem to be more receiving than the standard models. Have always been. Don´t know why. Maybe because i cannot switch facemapping off.  

My personal plan: i will join Dirk and this company here in the US first. It´s an adventure to live here. Its fun. Next step will be studying psychology. 

Joel Steinke