Dan Lau

Today´s school system has improved a lot in the last years. But its not enough.

Dan Lau

Technology consultant doing business as DANKA Enterprise. Consults to school districts and corporations in the acquisition and implementation of technology. Also consults to companies marketing technology based products, in the design and implementation of hi-tech training and education solutions. Member of Arthur Andersen & Co. School of the Future Team. Functions include the recommendation and implementation of hardware/software products as well as the development of specific applications to solve user problems.

Other functions include the development of strategic plans, and the management of all aspects of implementation such as the procurement of hardware and software, working with architects in the planning of new high-tech facilities, and the designing of communications networks to integrate the flow of information within a facility.

Co-founded the SHARE (School and Home Access to Resources for Education) consortium, a collaborative project consisting of four unified school districts, a two campus community college district, public libraries, the Orange County Marine Institute, and the twenty-one campus California State University system as well as a number of business partners formed to connect learners to instructional, and informational resources wherever it may reside.

A selected list of clients include; Jostens Learning, Edunetics Inc., The California Educational Technology Planning Commission (State of California), William C. Norris Institute, Arthur Andersen & Co., Saddleback Unified School District, Hueneme School District, GTE, Northern Telecom, Dallas Independent School District, Mount Edegcumbe School (Sitka, Alaska), Beverly Hills School District, San Diego Department of Education, Capistrano Unified School District, Saddleback College, Newport Mesa USD, The Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau (Dongguan China) and Orange County Department of Education.