Dirk Schneemann

I can see the best in you

I can tell you... I have seen a lot of thing in my life. My Grandfather taught me a lot in those years. He was a simple but a very wise man. This environment built my values more than any later education would be able to. Still today, my handshake is as binding as any contract. When I built my company in 1996, my team became part of my family - one for all, all for one. One of the most important things I learned was that I really can do many things very well.  Almost more importantly I learned that there are a lot of things I cannot do well.  For those, I need the inspiration of my team.  While practicing FaceMapping, I learned to accept my individual skills-set and to build a team, that is capable to support me in the best way.  For me - top down in a copmpany doesn´t work. Utilizing FaceMapping is highly effective in producing highly motivated environments that fits to any individuals needs.

Personally, I still get excited about many things and pure joy is where it is at. Definitely not a minimalist,  my life is far from boring.  I do love sports cars & motorcycles, especially my 'fat mama', a Harley Davidson. As I am an enthusiast about nice car forms and shapes, you can find me at Cars&Coffee.  Besides liking "things" I mostly care about other people. I am day by day impressed by the beauty and the expression power of human faces. Even though I have studied them for more than 26 years now, I am still fascinated daily. 

Visit my personal website: http://www.dirkschneemann.com

Dirk Schneemann

With over 25 years in the field of physiognomic science, Dirk is first and foremost a translator of people. That’s what he does.

Based on a core belief that the hiring of person should be based more on a metrics including talent, capability & potential vs. their current skill set, resume & brief interview, Dirk began developing the “Schneemann System”. Utilizing this system, Dirk not only built a successful company in the automotive industry, he did so building an employee base of which 20% of staff managed a disability of 50% or greater and an additional 20% of staff having been unemployed for more than 2 consecutive years. Upon selling his company in 2000, Dirk continued further developing of the “Schneemann System”. 25+ years after he began, Dirk has advised and mentored many of the world’s leading executives, vetted thousands in executive, sports & personal spaces and successfully placed 300 sustainably in C-Level positions.

In 2015, Dirk recognized the advancements of A-I finally made it possible to share and educate the masses on this proven system. Mid-2016, upon initiating and engaging in a clinical study with UCLA, Dirk made the move from Germany to the United States to make this dream a reality.