What exactly is face mapping?

What is facemapping What is facemapping
An ancient art of face reading
As is widely known and agreed upon today, face mapping finds its origin in the ancient Chinese practice of “face reading”.For more than 2,500 years “face reading” has been leveraged by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a “secret language”. This practice has been proven to reveal to a trained reader, ailments or disfunction in the digestive, circulatory & electro systems of the human body, as well as personality & character traits of an individual.

In Western Medicine today, the field of dermatology most openly uses analog face mapping techniques. A basic face map commonly used is one similar to the image.

A diagnosis method related to the facial skin

Along with the face map, Doctors commonly refer to the coloration, hue or tint of an individuals face to further detect/confirm the presence of health issues. For example; a slight green hue/tint often represents decreased liver function, an overly red face can reflect heart disease or high blood pressure and a whitened face, low lung function. Utilizing only these 3 regions of the face & this limited combination pattern, one can easily see how a face map works.

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