"Wide-Eyed" and "Crooked-Faced": Determinants of Perceived and Real Honesty Across the Life Span

How does an "honest looking" face look like? How does an

Consistent with a self-fulfilling prophecy, men who looked more honest early in life became more honest later, particularly when appearance was stable. Women showed an "artifice"effect: Those less honest early in life became more honest-looking later. Differential accuracy in perceiving honesty in men and women accompanied these developmental effects. Honesty was accurately read in men whose early appearance of honesty was stable. Honesty was incorrectly read in women whose early real honesty was stable. When these individual differences were ignored, real and perceived honesty were unrelated.


Brandis University: Leslie A. Zebrowitz; University of Chicago: Luminita Voinescu; Spring Hill College: Mary Ann Collins

Niklas Rottke

Hi! My name is Niklas, and i have joined this company in summer 2017 as an intern. Up to today i am continiously improving my skills in using the "Schneemann System" by annotating millions of pictures of human faces. If i am not annotating, i am probably writing some new articles here...

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