"Wide-Eyed" and "Crooked-Faced": Determinants of Perceived and Real Honesty Across the Life Span

How does an "honest looking" face look like? How does an

This study examined some structural features of honest-looking faces. Especially baby face, attractiveness, facial symmetry and big eyes. Each of them has a positive, independent impact on the perceived honesty.

The results of this study show that both global and specific facial structures have perceived honesty and thus can contribute to the behavioral disorder in the detection of deception. Individuals trying to determine the accuracy of others should be aware that their judgment may be affected by attractiveness, baby face, eye size or facial symmetry.  


Brandis University: Leslie A. Zebrowitz; University of Chicago: Luminita Voinescu; Spring Hill College: Mary Ann Collins

Niklas Rottke

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