Social Psychological Face Perception: Why Appearance Matters

Overgeneralization of a "baby face" Overgeneralization of a

The first impression is conveyed over the face. In addition, there is considerable consensus in our impressions that produce significant social outcomes. Appearance is important because some facial qualities are so helpful to control the adaptive behavior that even a trace of these features can make an impression.

Four overgeneralization hypotheses, derived from an ecological approach to social perception, shed light on why facial appearance is important in footprinting. The qualities that can be accurately revealed through face information, low fitness, age, emotion, or familiarity, are also perceived in people whose faces resemble just one of those facial qualities.

This study deals with the questions:

Why does facial appearance matter? 

Why do certain faces create certain impressions? 

What cues drive our impressions of these faces?


PMC: US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health; Soc Personal Psychol Compass, 2008 May 1;2(3):1497

Niklas Rottke

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