Here’s How You Can Tell If Someone Is Sick Just By Looking At Them.

Detect sicknesses with a look on a photo. Detect sicknesses with a look on a photo.

 The human face is a major source for a lot information related to the character traits. This study demonstrate that untrained people can detect sick individual just by their outer appearance. According to that, there is almost no concrete knowledge whether humans can recognize health problems just by looking at facial issues. Facial photos were shown to untrained people, taken 2 hours after an injection with a bacterial stimulus.

The results of this study suggest that facial cues associated with the skin, mouth and eyes can lead to the detection of sick and potentially contagious people.

The most prominent facial cues in this study were primarily the paleness of the lips as an indicator for not being healthy. The most robust predictors of apparent sickness were pale skin and hanging eyelids. Furthermore droopier corners of the mouth, redder eyes, and less glossy and patchy skin are some of the facial indicators. 

Especially for health professionals is the ability of reading one’s face a useful guidance in clinical judgement. 

Besides pale lips, hanging eyelids and less and patchy skin are droopy corners related to the „Schneemann system“ a facial clue to depression. The corner of the mouth indicates in the physiognomy one’s life attitude. If these hanging downward their thoughts and language is often negative. These people tend to look ash the negative side of things first. 

Source: Study

Facial areas mentioned in this study
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