Facial masculinity and fluctuating asymmetry

One would not prefer to sit beside a tidy handsome well-dressed man if he had narrow mean eyes. People tend to artificially change the features of their face to gain acceptance in interviews. Most of these preferences are arbitrary and are born out of the authors’ preconceived cultural and social influences. But is there a science behind these observations. The proponents of face reading argue that this is based on clearly stated rules and observation. Nose is an important part of the face. According to face reading the shape and size of nose determines the aggressiveness of the person. The present study tries to scientifically test this statement.*


Univ. of New Mexico, Dept. of Psychology; Univ. Of New Mexico, Dept. of Biology

Niklas Rottke

Hi! My name is Niklas, and i have joined this company in summer 2017 as an intern. Up to today i am continiously improving my skills in using the "Schneemann System" by annotating millions of pictures of human faces. If i am not annotating, i am probably writing some new articles here...

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