Recognizing Tennis Talent at a Glance

"Mit einem Blick in das Gesicht Tennis Talent erkennen" Article, published in Westfälische Rundschau on Feb 2nd, 2010

If it were up to Ute Strackerjahn, sports coach and vice president of the Tennis Association of Westphalia (WTV), Dirk Schneemann would be on the association's talent search payroll.

Why? This was documented by the Hanover native on the Day of the association in Kamener Stadthalle. Dirk Schneemann believes he can determine whether a tennis player has the abilities, talents, motivation, and other traits to take the game to the highest possible level just by looking at their face and other physical features. This is the art (and science) of psycho- physiognomy. An example: Barbara Rittner, German Federation Cup boss, invited Schneemann to a training camp in Marbella. He looked at 14 players and immediately selected the best three. And he was right - Petkovic, Malek and Kerber ranked among the top in the world. Tennis stars Becker, Agassi, Graf, Federer, and Nadal were included in his analysis. He clarified the significance of their physical features. Ute Strackerjahn, who was also in Marbella, was very impressed. He has been working with the Hanover native since and is convinced of his skills, which he has already proven with boxers, cyclists and the national ice hockey team of Germany (detailed report follows).

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