Our methods are developed & results are accurate.

Co-founding Invest In Heads in 2015, Dirk applied the Schneemann System for character & behavioral analytics this time in the investment markets.  Utilizing his team building methods, Considering the numbers, of course, but mainly the team members, Dirk analyzed the companies up for investment.  Utilizing these methodologies, Invest In Heads is up 46% so far this year and the projections are only going up.

At Invest In Heads, the team is the focus.  When companies form teams, they often do so on the basis of past performance or personal knowledge of potential capabilities. Utilizing the Schneemann System, Invest In Heads has been able to remove the guess work from their team assessment.  Once a team has been identified, each member is assessed as an individual and the group as an entirety.  Through this process strengths, deficiencies and recovery potential can be balanced as a whole.  More often then not, the only change or addition is a simple adjustment.

When companies build a team, they expect that it will "fire on all cylinders" almost all of the time.  The truth is, most do not.  Utilizing the Schneemann System methods, Facemap,LLC is able to predict why and when that breakdown will happen within a team and can even help construct a plan to manage it when the time arises or avoid the pitfall all together.  Focusing on each individuals strength is key.  The way it is now, most people don't know all of the strengths they posess.

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