Minor Physical Anomalies and Quantitative Measures of the Head and Face in Patients With Psychosis

Based on a comprehensive prevalence study of psychosis, we recruited 310 individuals with psycho- sis and 303 controls. From this sample, we matched 180 case-control pairs for age and sex. Individual minor physi- cal anomalies and quantitative measures related to head size and facial height and depth were compared within the matched pairs. Based on all subjects, we examined the specificity of the findings by comparing craniofacial summary scores in patients with nonaffective or affec- tive psychosis and controls.


Niklas Rottke

Hi! My name is Niklas, and i have joined this company in summer 2017 as an intern. Up to today i am continiously improving my skills in using the "Schneemann System" by annotating millions of pictures of human faces. If i am not annotating, i am probably writing some new articles here...

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