Meet our Founder, Dirk Schneemann

For 30 years, Dirk Schneemann has studied and combined multiple sciences to create his "Schneemann System".  Utilizing his proprietary system, Dirk has become the leading global expert in character, potential & predictive behavior analysis.  In 2016 Dirk discovered that by leveraging now commonly used artificial intelligence with machine learning processes it is possible to scale what, until today, has been only possible in an analog way.  Dirk founded Facemap, LLC in 2016 bringing him one step closer to his dream of helping as many people as possible find there inner strengths.

Dirk developed the Schneemann System from 1995-2000 in practical application within his company LTH System, GmbH.  During this 5 year period, Dirk threw away the resumes, focused on character & behavioral analysis, growing his company from 7 employees in one location to 315 employees in 3 different locations in 3 different cities in Germany generating revenues of $38,000,000.00(EU).  Even more impressive, he managed such growth with a workforce comprised of 20% managing a handicap of 50% or greater & another 20% have been unemployed for the previous 4.5 years.  It was for this accomplishment, Dirk was recognized by the German government and then Minister (Later Chancellor of Germany) Gerhard Schröder.

Since selling his company in 2000 to focus on further development of the Schneemann System, Dirk has authored "WER BIN ICH, WER BIST DU?"  ("Who am I, Who Are You?") & participated in multiple University collaborations globally.  Working privately for several of the 28 Global Fortune 500 Enterprises located in Germany, Dirk has evaluated and trained more than 4,000 executives and placed more than 100 in top level positions.  Today Dirk is an accomplished author, keynote speaker, television personality and continues to advise & consult many of Germany's top CEO's, Board Members, Global Fortune 500 & 100 Global Companies, Professional Sports Teams, Medical Doctors and individuals in both Europe and the United States.

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