Luigi Colani, Master of Beauty

Published in Newspaper "Bild" 1/1999 Published in Newspaper

The company LTH System invited the right person to its design symposium: celebrity guest Luigi Colani knows all about innovation. Matthias Klar, Dirk Heuer and Dirk Schneemann from LTH greeted the famous designer (of cars, motorbikes, furniture, glasses) and welcomed him to the company, which wants to develop new designs within the framework of a forum promoting creativity. Colani will be cooperating, possibly even running the initiative.

Worth to mention: Dirk Schneemann developed his "Schneemann System" during the time of growing business with LTH. Facemapping became his strongest tool to position the right people into the right places. Thus, he was able to leverage motivation within his staff which lead to fast growing and success.

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