Looking Smart and Looking Good: Facial Cues to Intelligence and Their Origins

Facial Cues to Intelligence and Their Origins Facial Cues to Intelligence and Their Origins

The authors investigated accuracy of judging intelligence from facial photos of strangers across the lifespan, facial qualities con- tributing to accuracy, and developmental paths producing corre- lations between facial qualities and IQ scores. Judgments were more accurate than chance in childhood and puberty, margin- ally more accurate in middle adulthood, but not more accurate than chance in adolescence or late adulthood. Reliance on the valid cue of facial attractiveness could explain judges’ accuracy. Multiple developmental paths contributed to relationships between facial attractiveness and IQ: biological, environmental, influences of intelligence on attractiveness, influences of attrac- tiveness on intelligence. The findings provide a caveat to evolu- tionary psychologists’ assumption that relationships between attractiveness and intelligence or other traits reflect an influence of “good genes” on both, as well as to social and developmental psychologists’ assumption that such relationships reflect self- fulfilling prophecy effects. Each of these mechanisms failed to explain some observed correlations.


Niklas Rottke

Hi! My name is Niklas, and i have joined this company in summer 2017 as an intern. Up to today i am continiously improving my skills in using the "Schneemann System" by annotating millions of pictures of human faces. If i am not annotating, i am probably writing some new articles here...

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