Can we take facemapping further?

This is just the beginning of face mapping.  We can absolutely take it further.  As Dirk Schneemann found 30 years ago, the key to the actual face map resides within the combinations used and characteristics observed and cannot restricted by an exactly defined measurement system.  These restrictive definitions do not allow for a cultural or age diversification in results.  The combinations must focus on the overall observation and not what each individual detail translates into singularly.

Focusing on specific combinations, Facemap, LLC's application abilities are only limited by the imagination.  Our analytical processes have been successfully proven in an analog way in virtually every industry and currently our API is proving to be the same with unlimited configurability.  

Leveraging artificial intelligence with application of the Schneemann System configured in deep machine learning processes will take face mapping to an entirely new level.  Soon anyone with a smart phone, mobile device or computer & access to WiFi will have access to our methodologies.  Providing the experience to learn and grow from the knowledge gained through a simple photo.

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