Understanding the face is the key

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AI leverages facemapping

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to scale the technique of facemapping (Schneemann System), Facemap Ventures produces highly accurate predictive analysis of human behavior, talent, psychology, physical capability and emotion over a configurable API. Result - increasing production and boosting revenue in any and every industry and vertical. Picture(s) in, Analysis out. That simple.
How we do it.
Highly Accurate Predictive Analytics.
Our Algorithms are trained to detect facial features that correspond to the Schneemann System. Either single appearances or patterns of combinations lead to highly accurate predictions.
Never meet a stranger.
A new landscape is here..
We provide the KEY  to that feeling we all get when we meet someone for the first time.  This feeling is our subconscious that reminds us of the ancient catalogue of key traits. Our solutions not only bring the subconscious into the conscious, our solutions provide explanation.  Tolerance and understanding the result.
Why we do it.
Everyone has an undiscovered talent.
At Facemap Ventures, we believe a person should not be forced to wait years in life to discover their hidden talents or find their passion(s).  We believe they should know them from the beginning.
Now, is the New Later.
Analysis + Knowledge = Impact
There is no better time than now to discover more.  There is no better time than now to gain understanding and practice true tolerance.  There is no better time than now to live up to your true potential.
Can you imagine?
Be good in what you were meant to do. At Facemap Ventures, we believe that passions ignited and talents discovered earlier will lead to different decisions. Better decisions will make the world a better place for everyone.
87% of American's are unhappy with their job.
(Gallup, 2017)
47% of all jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence within 20 years.
(MIT, 2017)
83% of American's, aged 17 to 24, could NOT pass a basic military entrance exam.
(Forbes, 2017)

It's about a better tomorrow. For everyone.

Education. Communication. Growth.

Referring to the doctrine of the interaction of the soul (psyche) and the body (physis), FaceMapping is our "Schneemann System" form of new psycho-physiognomics. These characteristics are expressed in the body, especially, in the facial features of a human being. Our FaceMapping system allows anyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or race, to identify talents, abilities, and characteristics based on varying degrees of more than 270 defined facial features, their links & combinations.

"There is no man living who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can."
(Henry Ford 1863 - 1947)

Dirk Schneemann
Joel Steinke
Senior Analyst - Sports
Niklas Rottke
Junior Analyst / Intern
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