Recent scientific studies concerning the human face


  • Facial masculinity and fluctuating asymmetry
    by Rottke  |  03 May

    As predicted, a component of facial features that discriminates the sexes and reflects masculinization of the face significantly covaried with symmetry in men. No significant correlation was observed for women. These findings suggest that men's facial masculinity partly advertises underlying developmental stability.

  • "Wide-Eyed" and "Crooked-Faced": Determinants of Perceived and Real Honesty Across the Life Span
    by Rottke  |  03 May

    Structural qualities of honest-looking faces, developmental relationships between perceived and real honesty, and actual honesty of honest-looking people were investigated. Babyfaceness, attractiveness, facial symmetry, and large eyes each had positive, independent effects on perceived honesty, revealing a babyface overgeneralization effect, an attractiveness halo effect, and the metaphorical associations "wide-eyed innocence" and "crooked character."